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1965 Company is established by an investment by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. capitalization ¥20 million.Transport to North America begins.
1967 Nissan Honmoku Wharf is completed.
1970 Transport to Europe begins.
1972 Capitalization is increased to ¥80 million.
1979 Capitalization is increased to ¥320 million.Vessel Zama Maru enters service.
1980 Vessel Oppama Maru enters service.
1981 Vessels Kyushu Maru and Yokohama Maru enter service.
1982 Capitalization is increased to ¥640 million.
1983 Nissan Oppama Wharf is completed.
The annual number of transported volume reached one million, and accumulated volume reached 10 million.
1985 Vessels Nissan Laurel and Nissan Bluebird enter service.
1986 NSA(UK)Ltd., as terminal operator, established in the UK.
1987 Vessels Honmoku Maru and Tochigi Maru enter service.
1988 World Transport Co., Ltd. specializing in freight consolidation, is established.

Nissan Carrier Europe B.V.(NCE),specializing in shipping and ship management, is established in the Netherlands.
1990 Euro Marine Carrier B.V.(EMC),specializing in short-distance sea transportation within Europe,is established in the Netherlands.
World Logistics Service(U.S.A.)Inc.,specializing in shipping and ship management and freight exporting from the U.S.A.,is established in the United States.
1991 The transport of "NISSAN PRIMERA" produced in UK, for the Japanese market begins.The transport of Subaru automobiles to Europe begins.
1993 Two new EMC vessels enter service.
1994 Cooperative transport relationship with Hyundai Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. of Korea begins.New terminal in Tyne,UK,is completed.
1996 Achieved 20 million units in its accumulated volume.
1999 NSA Kanda Co., Ltd. as shipping agency, is established.
2000 Nissan Kyushu Wharf is completed.
2001 Common carrier service for North America begins.
2002 The transport of Nissan automobiles produced in Mexico for North American market begins.
2004 Transport from Japan to Middle East begins.The transport of Nissan automobiles produced in the U.S.A. for the Middle East market begins.
2007 Vessels Luna Spirit and Andromeda Spirit enter service.
2008 Vessel Pleiades Spirit enters service.
2011 Vessels Venus Spirit and Jupiter Spirit enter service.
2012 Vessel Leo Spirit enters service.
World round trade begins.